You know…the whole school life aspect a lot of anime has is just warring really old really fast. It’s gotten to a point where if you have an anime set in a school setting it has to do something different. If it doesn’t I’m probably going to pass on it. And if I do for some reason watch it – for whatever strange reason it may be – I’m going to end up giving it a very shitty ass score. But thankfully when I read the synopsis of the following anime I found that it fell into something new that I had been craving lately. And that’s: Mythology. Even if here its a heavily cartoony depiction of mythical beings I’m a fan of anything that takes a creative spin on them. I guess its one of my thoughts as a writer of horror science fiction. I’m already into these types of mythical monsters. So, anything that tackles them from a new and interesting perspective I’m willing to give a chance.

So, kikes and dikes this the first real winner of the winter 2017 season… Demi chan wa Kataritai…or in English…Interviews with Monster Girls.

What makes this anime work for me – despite the fact it’s one of those anime’s that aren’t exactly moe but at the same times has some cute aspects such as a harem element with a mostly female cast – is that not only is the cast fun, there all beings from some type of folk lore from various sources. Hence forth the ‘Monster Girls” in the title. And this aspect adds a nice little supernatural twang to what would otherwise be just another school comedy.

The plot here follows normal every day teacher Tetsuo Takahashi who just so happens to be intrigued by the existence of unique beings known as Demi’s or half human half mythical monsters that have slowly been integrated into human society. Unfortunately, he has no Demi’s to interview or examine…until you know…he suddenly realizes that the school is actually infested with four of them. And the fact that he wants to know more about them yet were right under his stupid nose the entire time is the joke here. Even though I didn’t find it really all that funny. But that’s later forgotten as he then sets out in the endeavor of getting to know the “Demi’s” as they call themselves.

And these ladies consist of the always spry and happy vampire Hikari Takanashi, A shy bashful Dullahan named Kyoko Mach, a shy bashful Snow Women named Yuki Kusakabe and not so much a shy but insecure Succubus teacher Sakie Sato. Each of these girls possesses a trait akin to some extremely construed rendition of their respective legends. Our vampire Hikari Takanashi for example is a vampire who I found is……you know actually fuck it I think she’s very distant depiction from vampires of legend. First of all, she doesn’t drink blood from humans – but likes to chew on them playfully. Instead she drinks from blood pouches…you know the kind you see in hospitals and shit. And she can see herself in mirrors and she is far from what can be considered dark. In fact, she’s the gittiest one of the entire cast.

And honestly her spry nature is what kept me coming back to this. She’s one of those characters who just loves to screw around and be hyperactive, and giggle at almost everything. In fact, now that I look back on it she’s a catalyst of many of the subjects these characters cover. I personally like the bit where she held a contest for the most bite worthy arm.

Basically she was the one character I liked the most because unfortunately the rest of the main cast is kind of mundane with their bashfulness. If this anime didn’t have her the entire cast would honestly feel flat and uninteresting. And don’t get me wrong, the entire cast is likeable and in a way very memorable. It’s just that the funniest ans most distinct one in the entire case is not on screen all the time and when she wasn’t I was kind of feeling a little bit bored. And it’s not to say that Hikari herself doesn’t have a few bashful moments of her own.

Seriously what is it with the Japanese and the fear of the sexings?

I don’t know. But anyways the other three girls, the succubus teacher and the other two girls each have their own set of rules to them and the anime follows our lead man feeding his curiosity by getting to know and study all these girls while at the same time realizing that each of them face problems just like any other teenage girl. Only these problems are sometimes complicated even further by their Demi human’ish nature. Kyoko Machi the Dullahan of the story for example was the most intriguing character out of all of them due to the nature of her and her detached head. I liked how Petos (the mangaka behind the manga this is based on – weird name I know) depicted a Dullahan here. Think of just your average normal teenage girl sleeping swimming and showering…only with her head severed from her body. And we see how she manages day to day life like this. And it was just really intrigue to watch. And it sometimes kind made my blood curdle in a stupid way. I mean imagine for a moment your head separated from your body and controlling it with…fuck I don’t know. Telepathy! I guess. I don’t know, it’s not explained here. But controlling it and seeing it just do everything you wanted it to do. Just your head watching your body from a distance. Shower in the morning or asleep, your heads either somewhere else or your carrying it with you. That is basically this character. I mean there was this one episode where fucken Tetsuo takes Kyoko’s head with him on a date and fucken leaves her body at her house. During this date her head and body were responding to what was going on separately. And it was just so funny, weird and interesting all at the same time and I fucken loved it.

And her science is actually gone into further later on in the series where a friend of Tetsuo talks about her potential to alter time and space and that added kind of a Science Fictiony aspect to her character which made it all the more intriguing.

Everyone else though? Yeah, they were just not as fun. The succubus teacher Sakie Sato for example has to wear a track suite because she basically emits this aphrodisiac effect that makes men horny. And the jokes involving her and her eventual crush on Tetsuo mainly depicts him resisting her effect on him leading her to believe he’s somehow immune to her… “seducing toxin” let’s call it…when really, he isn’t immune to jack shit and is just really good at holding his boner.

And lastly, we have the Snow Women Yuki Kusakabe who’s given her own episode and has her own screen time here and there. But really she was just boring really. That and she was the most scared and timid of the entire cast and cried over stupid shit. All of the shit that involved her from a science standpoint were these dumb ass little experiments involving sticking her feet in water and shit. And I wanted her bit to be over with just so I could get back to more fucken Hikari.

But really at the end of the day this anime is all about the whole friendship thing. These are all girls and a teacher linked by friendship as well as the teachers natural wanting to seek out knowledge as well as help out his students. So, there’s a heavy heavy layer of all that mushy friendship crap here. And this of course leads to the whole teacher student relationship factor that I’m sure a lot of overly sensitive assholes out there are no doubt going to fucken flip out over. But since this is a type of harem anime – even though it’s not labeled with the genre –  each of the girls end up falling for our main male lead in a way. And this is one of the things a lot of conservatives and the typical non-anime viewers have come to hate and often criticize as “child porn” or some shit. Well to the casual Xenophobe or Conservative who don’t watch a lot of anime…shut the fuck up. This is more along the lines of Tetsuo understanding the hardships these girls are facing and doing what he can to help them out and in response they come to confide and appreciate him. I mean is it really so fucken weird for a teacher to hug a crying student?

Plus, were talking about a typical shy ass teenage female cast here. Accept for Hikari of course, she’s just naturally spry. Seriously this bitch is like the bubbly fucken sugar fiend you knew back in high school who you always saw dancing to  Avril Lavigne and shit during free period…. only she’s japaneeeese! Now as for my usual critique regarding how well the anime follows the manga? It followed it off and on really. It omits a few small things and reorganizes certain events to make it all fit better into an animated format. But all in all it does an okay job at adhering to the source material. But if you want the full story as it was meant to be told…read the manga instead.

Animation wise I like what was done here honestly. It complements Petos artwork well. And there’s no way I can finish off this review without mentioning that this was handled by one of my most favorite studios…A-1 Pictures! I fucken love these guys. They brought us the cry fest Anohana, Aldnoah.Zero and one of my most favorite anime’s in my entire 12 years of watching anime: From the New World! This is just the latest in a very long line of good adaptations. This is just another work by them that I didn’t mind at all. Contrary to how I might look I can appreciate a good bit of School Comedy if it has something unique to go along with it. And this anime did. I fucken loved Hikari. That spray little bitch would probably piss me off if she existed in reality. Too much happy would make me mad. But here on paper? She really held the series up for me and the other characters put a new modern and entertaining flair into several mythical beings that I’ve always found intriguing.

If you’re a fan of mythical creatures and want to see a humorous cartoony take on them then this is something I highly recommend for you. And its these fun little takes on these legends – as well as Hikari – that leave me giving Demi chan wa Kataritai… Interviews with Monster Girls… a nice well deserved….7 out of 10 and gets the Comedy seal of approval.

Comedy Seal of Approval

Comical takes on mythology isn’t something we really get all that much of because a lot of these legends just really aren’t the comical type. So, when we get one it’s always a treat.

And with that I’m fucken done.


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