As a Misanthrope, I don’t believe in the whole love thing. I believe it’s just a fiction created by the human mind in place of our own natural biological need to reproduce and preserve our worthless species. And with such beliefs you can probably understand how I feel about most romance animes. I think there idiotic and it’s just about characters who believe in this fiction.

But then there are the kind of animes that we don’t get enough of that feature one of the primary reasons people date in the first place. To get fucken laid. Yes, there are some softcore porn scenes in the following anime. Of course, since this isn’t hentai we don’t get to see any special objects or…. body parts. But there are still some pretty spicy ass scenes.

Fellow human filth…this is my review of Kuzu no Honkai. Or in English…Scum’s Wish.

This is one of those animes that lays on the whole love thing way to thick but at the same times offers up something that we don’t get a lot of in romance animes. Some actual fucken intimacy.

And a good portion of the time it’s not with the person they actually love. That’s the kicker here. What the plot basically boils down to is main character Hanabi Yasuraoka having a crush on her much older childhood friend Narumi Kana who is now actually her fucken homeroom teacher. And to make matters worse she knows that he has a thing for the school’s music teacher Akane Minagawa. And in an attempt to offset these feelings she instead dates Mugi Awaya, who just so happens to have a thing for Akane. And they do this in order to satisfy each other’s loneliness both emotionally and sexually. While at the same time agreeing not to actually fall in love with each other. I’m not making this shit up.

I’m not about to go into the whole loving a teacher thing but let’s just say it gets even more complicated than that. There are also other characters such as Sanae Ebato who is a lesbian who is wet in the panties for our lead gal.

So yay! There is a character here for all the dikes. Seriously this is the perfect shit to show a fucken conservative christen prick and watch them vent about it on twitter. The fact that animes like these come out and give a lot of westerners a reason to have a fucken melt down is kind of what made me enjoy this all the more.

And then there’s also a fucken pretty little princess character who has a thing for Mugi. And when I say pretty little princess I literally mean she thinks she’s a pretty little princess. And everything is complicated even further by the fact that some of these characters are lying manipulative hoes. The primary case is Akane who is the biggest cunt in the entire fucken anime. All this bitch literally wants is to have every fucken man in the world love her while simultaneously making the women who love a particular man jealous. And as such she targets Narumi in order to makes Hanabi feel like complete and total shit. Basically, she’s the women every fucken basic bitch dreams of being. Akane is the cunt women who fucken steals your crush and sticks her tongue out at you with a smirk on her face as she walks away hugging their arm.

And all of these factors just culminate in this mushy ass romance battle for each other’s desired love interest. I mean once you come to understand the situations between these characters you’ll come to understand the title.

“Scums wish”.

It all basically comes down to each character either having a taboo sort of love for some other character or is basically a bitch in some way manipulating people to get with the person they want. This is literally The Young and the Restless level shit here.

Do not. I repeat do NOT… watch this anime if you hate romance. The only reason I watched this is because I liked the fact it was more of a mature romance anime with actual intimacy. We get almost none of that in this day and age with anime.

Animation wise here it’s kind of unique in a sense that it uses some rather interesting techniques that go along with the romantic theme. We sometimes get panel like sets of the character to convey the expressions of two different characters simultaneously and sometimes things morph into this light colorful pencil like style to emphasizes some of the more romantic and intimate scenes and works well with the theme and the setting. But again love doesn’t interest me so it all just fell flat for me. Just like the music. You watch a sad scene? You get a traditional sad violin hum in the background. You watch a heartfelt scene with a love confession? You get some piano. And it went along grate with the more dramatic scenes.

But despite all these factors I still ended up dropping it after nine episodes. The only reason I went beyond my normal 5 for animes that I don’t like is because I liked the softcore sex scenes. But after they stopped for a bit I lost interest immediately and that was it. This anime is literally a melodramatic teenage soap opera in anime form. But the fact of the matter is it was different. Most romance animes out there have weird ass comedic elements to them and characters with a bunch of weird ass personality quarks and overly extravagant facial expressions. It’s always just annoyingly colorful. This is not that. It’s down to earth and actually feels more realistic. It captures teenage hornyness and all of the feelings that go along with it. And it’s that mindset that powered me through it for as long as I did. At the end of the day though I can still only recommend this anime to fans of romance. And if I wasn’t such a dick and was into romance I would honestly call this one of the best animes this season. It has characters engaging in actual intimacy instead of the mainstream shy awkward blush shit we get way too much of today. If you’re sick of that kind of romance in anime and are fans of romance in general I cannot recommend this shit enough. This is your shit. But since I would rather fuck women then talk to them. I’m going to go ahead and give this anime a 6.4 out of 10 and award it the Romance Seals of Approval.

Romance Seal of Approval

If you want to watch a story about a bunch of fucken drama queens trying to get it in then you’ll love this. And you also might want to check out the live action adaption of this if you prefer a live action japanese syndicated drama over a japanese animation.

And with that I’m fucken done.


About Angry Misanthropist Freak

I'm an autistic, intellectualist, a progressive liberal and I who grew up in a crack house under the rule of an abusive older sibling for the first 19 years of his life. As a result of this I’ve learned not to care about friendship, love or being an all-around nice person. I love to slam old age idiocy and the outdated logic of conservatives. I thrive on making people who have stupid and illogical ideologies feel like total shit about themselves and feed off there misery. When gun owners shoot themselves or their loved ones due to their illogical love for killing tools I laugh my ass off. When Christians lose their business because of their closed minded religious nonsense I celebrate it. And don’t worry. I also like making fun of liberals who bitch about insignificant shit and have stupid beliefs of their own. Everyone is guilty of having beliefs that are self-destructive or hinders societies growth in some way. Which group do you belong too? I critique Anime, Manga, Video Games and movies as a means of rebelling against mainstream social acceptance. But when I’m not doing any of that I enjoy watching stupid people get killed and pissing off conservatives with my superior logic. I reserve the right to say “nigger” because I find the hypocritical usage of the word idiotic. If it offends you don’t say it yourself! I see the Second Amendment and Religious Freedom to be two of the most damaging things to America (as well as the entire world) and I applaud any effort made to destroy them. I feel that as long as this country has these two things America will NEVER be the “Best Country in the World”. I also don’t give a fuck about the status of our veterans. Our military doesn’t fight to protect us. They fight to protect our logically flawed ass constitution that enables stupidity and murder to continue. I’m not denying that they play an important role. But I will NOT kiss their asses. If there behaving idiotically or are tarnishing the US name overseas then I will disrespect them to my heart's content. Jar heads are not immune to criticism just because they kill foreigners in the name of freedumb.
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