You know…I like moe. And if you don’t know what that is then well…. you really shouldn’t be fucken watching/reading me. But anime’s like K-On, Yuyuski and Nechijou have always been favorites of mine. But the thing is sometimes there’s something missing from moe anime that I can never quite put my finger on. I guess it has to rely on something other than just cute. If cuteness is the only thing that an anime relies on then it can get really old really fast. And if it fails to offer something else other than just cute girls doing cute things. I’ll end up dropping it almost immediately. If it weren’t for the 5-episode chance I give every anime that makes my list every season I would’ve dropped this shit instantly.

Fellow human filth I’m The Angry Misanthropist Freak. And this is my review of… Urara Meirocho…or in English… Urara Labyrinth City.

The bottom line here is if you like moe or all this cute anime girl shit then right off the bat I can give you a solid recommendation. But the problem this anime suffers from is that its literally nothing else other than that. The plot follows a mountain girl named Chiya – as in she literally lived in the mountains prior to the stories beginning – and seeks to become an Urara, which is basically a fortunate teller. And she arrives into a city called Labyrinth Town which specializes in teaching young girls from all over the city the craft. But there is also another reason she’s there but I don’t want to spoil it. Let’s just say she’s looking for a special someone. But to do that she has to rise in the ranks and become a better Urara to gain access to the deeper districts of the town. And thus, she begins here training. And honestly that’s it.

The rest of the show – at least the five episodes I watched because it got too boring – followed individual little comedic situations the characters fell into. And I’m sure that the story would’ve maybe arrived into its own serious arc at some point. And maybe offer something special and wondrous. Maybe some action or some romance maybe. God forbid the later. I don’t know. But at the end it couldn’t hold my attention after my usual five-episode window of chance. Nothing about this seceded in making me want to continue. It’s like the writers were trying their absolute best to appeal to moe fans in every sense of the trope. I mean if you look at the cast of characters you’ll see that the cast follows the atypical aspect of giving each character a set of their own little distinct personality quarks. And to top it off the entire cast is all female. Yeah! It’s one of those. And some of them are so fucken sweet that if your diabetic you might want to keep some insulin at the ready. You just might fall into a diabetic coma.

I mean our main character is one of those stupid girls who’s been raised in the fucken wilderness so she’s pretty much a fucken dunce on all things human. She’s oblivious to her otherwise annoying interactions with others yet is the friendly sort. Going to some pretty decent lengths to help her friends.

I guess the one thing that can be enjoyed here is the real world japanese culture that goes into the fortunate telling aspect here. Some of these girls practice some actual arts derived from some real world japanese mythology. Koume Yukimi specializes in tarot cards for example. Or Tarotology. As in the act of telling one’s future through tarot cards. That kind of shit. And Kon Tatsumi uses kokkuri fortune telling which basically amounts to the japanese form of Ouija Boarding. And as an anime about cute moe girls doing this shit you can probably guess where that shit goes.

And that’s the problem. All this spooky ass cool cultural shit is heavily contrived by all the cartoonish antics these girls get involved in. And all of it just makes it this standard ass typical slice of life that’s been done to death. It’s all just more of the same tropes and story traits that’s come to be accepted of animes like this. And in a small and insignificant kind of way it’s almost cliche.

The characters all kind of feel the same with the acceptation of our main lead who is the village idiot pretty much. Aside from her everyone else felt the same with only a slight personality quark that made them just a smidge different from each other. Nono Natsume is this animes standard shy bashful chick who owns a doll she lovingly named Matsuko and often uses her for ventriloquism. Have you guys noticed a very firm pattern here with animes such as this? There’s is always at least one bashful character. Name one anime with excessive moe elements especially from the fucken slice of life genre that doesn’t have some type of shy character. I can name several right of the bat. It’s gotten to the point where it’s a requirement. You want to produce a moe blob anime? Inject a shy character. It’s pretty much the fucken foundation of animes like this. There’s literally no character here that doesn’t give a fan of moe a reason to want to watch this.

And the animation itself encompasses this notion.

I really don’t know what else to say other than that. My video clips should be enough to convey the style of this animation perfectly. And the most unfortunate thing about this is that this is by JC Staff. The same guys who brought us shit like A Certain Scientific Rail gun,  Toradora and Waiting in the Summer. All of which quickly became fan favorites. While I guess this dose look like something by them this is just one of those cases where they could have picked some better source material to adapt.

And in regards to how well it follows that source material. I couldn’t really find scans anywhere so I’m not sure. But given the fact that it’s based on a four panel koma manga. I doubt that it follows it all that closely. Anime’s based on Yonkoma manga usually just adapt a few of the jokes in their variation and then just does whatever the fuck they want with it. That’s what Doga Kobo did with New Game and Kyoto Ani did with K-On so I don’t see any reason JC staff would do it here. I’ve come to realizes that that’s usually how it works with adaptions of these kinds of manga’s.

And if I was honestly to make a recommendation for this it would definitely be to fans of cute characters doing cute shit. That’s really the only recommendation I can really give you.  Be warned: If you prefer action oriented animes or animes with a deep plot. Then stay far away from this. This well either make you sick or bore your ass to tears. Sorry moe fans but Urara Meirocho – Urara Labyrinth City…gets a very lame ass…4.7 out of 10 and sure as hell gets the Moe Blob Seal of Approval.

Moeblob Seal of Approval

I’m not about to give this any more of a chance. I can only stand so much sugar in my coffee. If this is something you find interesting. You’re definitely not the kind of person I want to take recommendations from.

And with that I’m fucken done.


About Angry Misanthropist Freak

I'm an autistic, intellectualist, a progressive liberal and I who grew up in a crack house under the rule of an abusive older sibling for the first 19 years of his life. As a result of this I’ve learned not to care about friendship, love or being an all-around nice person. I love to slam old age idiocy and the outdated logic of conservatives. I thrive on making people who have stupid and illogical ideologies feel like total shit about themselves and feed off there misery. When gun owners shoot themselves or their loved ones due to their illogical love for killing tools I laugh my ass off. When Christians lose their business because of their closed minded religious nonsense I celebrate it. And don’t worry. I also like making fun of liberals who bitch about insignificant shit and have stupid beliefs of their own. Everyone is guilty of having beliefs that are self-destructive or hinders societies growth in some way. Which group do you belong too? I critique Anime, Manga, Video Games and movies as a means of rebelling against mainstream social acceptance. But when I’m not doing any of that I enjoy watching stupid people get killed and pissing off conservatives with my superior logic. I reserve the right to say “nigger” because I find the hypocritical usage of the word idiotic. If it offends you don’t say it yourself! I see the Second Amendment and Religious Freedom to be two of the most damaging things to America (as well as the entire world) and I applaud any effort made to destroy them. I feel that as long as this country has these two things America will NEVER be the “Best Country in the World”. I also don’t give a fuck about the status of our veterans. Our military doesn’t fight to protect us. They fight to protect our logically flawed ass constitution that enables stupidity and murder to continue. I’m not denying that they play an important role. But I will NOT kiss their asses. If there behaving idiotically or are tarnishing the US name overseas then I will disrespect them to my heart's content. Jar heads are not immune to criticism just because they kill foreigners in the name of freedumb.
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