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One of the reasons I fucken love anime so god damn much is because I love to challenge mainstream social acceptance. I’m always on the lookout for shows that tackle difficult or controversial subjects in a way people would find strange, piss them off, or even think is little bit sick. And anime touches on a lot of these topics. Predominantly viewpoints on children. And while the setting of the following anime isn’t all that sick and demented. It still tackles a very taboo notion. And that’s…child soldiers. Or I guess in this case…evil child soldiers.

Fellow human filth I’m the Angry Misanthropist Freak. And this is my review of… Youjo Senki. Or in English… Saga of Tanya the Evil.

This is one of those animes that really throws a strange concept into your face and expects you to roll right along with it. Case in point child solders. But see here’s the twist: While our main character is in fact a young girl named Tanya Degurechaff – it’s supposed to be German – the girl actually started out as an unnamed japanese business man. One who just so happened to be both an atheist and an asshole who likes to walk all over people. But one day after ruining the life of one of his employees he kills him by pushing him into the path of an oncoming train. But right before he dies time is stopped by a god like being he comes to call “Being X” who then reincarnates him into an alternate universe World War 1 setting as a little orphan girl due to his being sick of humanities lack of faith. He does this to put him into a dire world where he would have no choice but to accept god’s existence.

And when she – I’m just going to call him a “she” from now on, because he’s a she throughout entire anime. Eventually she finds out that she possesses a great deal of magical power and that the military seeks people with outstanding aptitude. So, she decides to join at the ripe age of nine as a means of assuring her a decent future in this new world. She thinks that if she plays her cards right she’ll be able to live a comfortable life on the rear lines and away from danger. Unfortunately a serious of highly unfortunate events occur. Including a surprise attack by the enemy during a training mission…. which she completely obliterates.

And these occurrences as well as a special gem “blessed” by Being X that gives her equipment a supercharge unfortunately impresses her superiors and as a result of this she’s put in command of a platoon of combat mages. A big problem seeing as how if she dies in this world there is no second reincarnation and she’ll basically be sentenced to hell. Despite this she still remains defiant towards this god like entity.

And what I found funny about this is that what this man sees would literally be enough to convince even the most convinced of atheists. A deity literally showed himself and spoke through other humans, twists time and reality and takes over inanimate objects and corpses. Why this man/little blond bitch isn’t graveling and kissing this mother fucker’s toes and calling him her lord and saver I do not know. This being has done more than enough to convince anyone that he is in fact god. Even fucken Dusty Smith would become a christen after going through what this mother fucker has gone through. And I guess that’s this animes hidden humor in a way. Defying god in whatever way this stubborn ass character can. And one of the grate ironies about this is that the super charged magical gem bestowed upon Tanya by being X can only be activated through prayer.

And you might be thinking that since she’s a little girl the whole leadership role doesn’t fit her. But really Tanya’s attitude and maturity here really offsets the little girl factor by a lot. This little bitch is a fucken beast. And by that I literally mean she is a straight up monster at heart. She often tries to shroud her evil with the persona of a normal little girl who just happens to be a solider. But through her internal monologue. We come to understand that she’s actually a psychopathic mean little cunt.

And it’s not really all war related evil with her. We see her in the beginning doing whatever she can in order to stay away from the fighting. She’s just naturally amoral and ruthless. There was a part in the anime where she manipulates a fellow soldier who was more concerned about his daughter then with the war. And in turn causes him to drop right out of the academy she was studying at in order to secure her position as one of the elite students. She is just an evil little bitch all around. And I fucken love it. Sometimes I even forgot that she’s a little girl just by how she coordinates and orders her squad around like an actual commander. And just how she conducts herself all together is almost awe inspiring. The fact she’s a little girl doesn’t even matter to her or her squad mates and even I forgot that she’s supposed to be a freaken nine-year-old at times. But then the anime throws me a joke or two regarding her height and it makes you remember.

However, that humor is of course over shadowed by the sheer overall fucken production quality this anime posses.  Case in point the depiction of the warfare. I fucken love cool tech in fiction. Cool and unique weaponry in fiction is always fascinating to me. And this anime has this in abundance. And it is a perfect combination of magic and World War 1 weaponry. The fighting here takes place mainly in the air. Tanya and her squad all fly using special packs in there uniforms that contain gems powering there equipment. Her and her little entourage of warriors uses all this cool magical technology to fly around acting as mainly air support for soldiers on the ground all the while engaging other mages in aerial combat. The enemy themselves sometimes fly around on these metal mounts that resemble horses (or skis which I saw as more of the dumber looking ones). All the combatants here are seen firing magically enhanced bullets at each other though. Ones that explode. And we see both sides casting various spells that form these huge ass magical glyphs and shit while also forming these awesome looking shields made from pure magical energy to block incoming salvo. And it’s all just meshed into this awesome ass spectacle of unique and very entertaining action scenes. And it’s all fucken amazing.

If I was to score this on cool depictions of magic and action alone…this anime would get a flat out 10 out of 10 from me because it all looks amazing. I can’t express how much I fucken love sorcery in anime as long as it’s done right. I  grew up playing Magic the Gathering. That’s my fucken childhood right there. I love when a story has in depth sorcery with its own deep ass set of laws and methods of use. And if something like that is done right in an anime of all things then it’s the best thing ever. And often magic in animes like Fairy Tale for example fail extremely at this because it’s all portrayed in stupidly cartoony ass ways. This is anything but that. It’s not overly extravagant or childish in the least. The particular magic here is without a doubt used for war and it makes the notion of a child using this shit all the more provocative with awesome depictions of blood and gore.

And as for the animation as a whole I was really quite pleased with it actually. This is actually by a brand new studio to enter the scene called studio NUT. While this is there first standalone work the director Yutaka Uemura has a rather impressive track record having directed Terror in Resonance and Punch Line. Satoru Hirayanagi who was Art Director is also famous for his work on Guin Saga and the second season of Demon of the Fleeting Blossom. So, new studio or not the animation had some pretty awesome talent behind the visuals here and it shows. The music was a damn good addition too. Even if the list of work composed by composer Shuji Katayama is pretty short. Sound design on the other hand was handled by Yoshikazu Iwanami who’s worked on Ajin, Berserk and Blame. All anime’s with exceptional animation and sound design. I do say I hated the opening theme song though. Myth & Roid is a J-pop group who actually has done only anime songs as far as I know and their actually pretty damn good. Especially the ending theme they did for Overlord. But that constant “ora ora ora” they did for the opening theme on this particular project was just really annoying.

I can honestly give you a solid recommendation on animation and action alone here. But then…. sadly…. there is the unfortunate stigma this anime is carrying. And that’s in regards to it’s very obvious throw backs to the Nazis of empirical era Germany. Case in point the uniforms and how this is basically a fictional retelling eluding to WW1 Germany vs Europe. There’s very little question that there is a few throw backs to Nazism thrown in here and there.


Costumes look pretty similar, no? Illustration taken right from one of the light novels by Carlo Zen and Shinobu Shinotsuki.

And honestly…I really don’t give two fucken Swastika licking, Jew smiting fucken shits about these ties. Because at the end of the day these are merely qualities and historical aspects mixed in as a backdrop for this FICTIONAL setting. I mean where the fucken Nazi’s flying on technologically advanced metal horses while shooting at all those fucken Coys? No! I really hate that I have to remind people that this is fiction. But here I go again. This is fucken fiction! Hence forth the big fat ass declaimer at the end of every fucken episode.


This has no relation to the real world and its history other then a few traits of the setting. No relation to actual groups, peoples, Moffen’s or Fuhrer’s. So, shut the fuck up. I no longer give a shit about the japanese alliance with the Nazis during World War 2. Nore do they. And as for their own little shit neo-Nazi sub culture a lot of conservative politicians here in the states like to point out. Guess what. We have those assholes here in the states to. There’s also some in Russia and France. There are fucken neo-Nazi scum everywhere, so shut up. This anime is awesome in both animation, action, story and setting. And all this isn’t to say that the main character here is a nice girl who you would want your fucken daughter to have tea party with. She’s a down right fucken monster who you do not want to fuck with. Seriously. This is the kind of girl pedo lolicons like me don’t want to fucken touch. I would no doubt end up very dead.


Now, in regards to how well the anime follows the aforementioned source material: The light novel serious by Carlo Zen and illustrated by Shinobu Shinotsuki. Well that’s kind of an interesting story. You see…even though I found translation of the novels I got bored reading them. Why? Because the thing about me and books is that too much exposition can really kill it for me. And the first few chapters of the book had that in abundance. Too much exposition in place of action and dialogue makes any book seem unnecessarily dragged out and boring. Telling instead of showing really turns me off. The original writer could’ve gone a little lighter with the long ass excerpts of showing me this world instead of telling me about it. But in the end they didn’t and I gave up on the novels all together. I only read like…I don’t know… 1 or 2 fucken chapters – and god these were long ass chapters by the way, my god. Afterwards I stopped reading the first book and focused entirely on the anime because it was obviously way more fun.

But from what I did read I saw that the book followed the beginning pretty well. All through out the battle between Tanya and those attacking mages all the way up to the testing of that new gear by that weird scientist guy was all covered nicely. So that’s a plus. But beyond that I don’t know.  I however wouldn’t be surprised if it veered away from the books at some point, predominantly near the ending. Because guess what…. the story ends on a bit of a cliff hanger. The war that these characters were fighting wasn’t over. In fact, it was kind of won near the end but then it just kind of started right back up again. So if the anime follows the books all throughout…I don’t know. But the ending of the anime left it felling incomplete. So, you’ll have to find out for yourself if the ending was in the book or not. But let’s be serious. Even if you read a lot of books and watch anime…would you rather read a book with pages and pages of exposition and no action when you could be watching this. Yeah, didn’t think so.

In the end though Yojo Senkai is no doubt my favorite anime of the entire winter 2017 season. I highly recommend that you watch this if you’re a fan of fantasy war settings with some extremely awesome Magitech. The combat and all the awesome fictional warfare depicted here was absolutely fucken phenomenal. This shit should definitely be on your watch list. Youjo Senki…Saga of Tanya the Evil gets a very well deserved…8 out of 10. And gets the Blood and Gore and Action Seals of Approval.

Action Seal of Approval

The only thing holding it back from a 9 or a 10 is the ending and how a lot of idiots might get pissed off by the little girl aspect or the Nazi throwbacks. But if there should be a second season that has a decent ending – I’m saying this now because I don’t review second seasons as it just dumps a bigger work load on me – I would probably bump the score up to a 9. But as of this review…it’s going to stay an 8. Regardless I highly suggest that if you have something against Nazi throwbacks you should still just shut the fuck up, bite your fucken tongue and watch this anyways. As of this review its available on the  internet for free so you don’t even have to fucken pay for it. I recommend that you do though so you can help support Studio Nut. And I say this very rarely. I haven’t recommended someone BUY an anime since Death Note. Nut has proven with this first project of theirs that there indeed something special. And it leaves me wondering just what they have in store for me next. And if you are one of those types to see something minor and insignificant and get triggered by it. Stay the fuck away from this and leave the people who actually enjoy it alone.

And with that I’m fucken done.

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You know…I like moe. And if you don’t know what that is then well…. you really shouldn’t be fucken watching/reading me. But anime’s like K-On, Yuyuski and Nechijou have always been favorites of mine. But the thing is sometimes there’s something missing from moe anime that I can never quite put my finger on. I guess it has to rely on something other than just cute. If cuteness is the only thing that an anime relies on then it can get really old really fast. And if it fails to offer something else other than just cute girls doing cute things. I’ll end up dropping it almost immediately. If it weren’t for the 5-episode chance I give every anime that makes my list every season I would’ve dropped this shit instantly.

Fellow human filth I’m The Angry Misanthropist Freak. And this is my review of… Urara Meirocho…or in English… Urara Labyrinth City.

The bottom line here is if you like moe or all this cute anime girl shit then right off the bat I can give you a solid recommendation. But the problem this anime suffers from is that its literally nothing else other than that. The plot follows a mountain girl named Chiya – as in she literally lived in the mountains prior to the stories beginning – and seeks to become an Urara, which is basically a fortunate teller. And she arrives into a city called Labyrinth Town which specializes in teaching young girls from all over the city the craft. But there is also another reason she’s there but I don’t want to spoil it. Let’s just say she’s looking for a special someone. But to do that she has to rise in the ranks and become a better Urara to gain access to the deeper districts of the town. And thus, she begins here training. And honestly that’s it.

The rest of the show – at least the five episodes I watched because it got too boring – followed individual little comedic situations the characters fell into. And I’m sure that the story would’ve maybe arrived into its own serious arc at some point. And maybe offer something special and wondrous. Maybe some action or some romance maybe. God forbid the later. I don’t know. But at the end it couldn’t hold my attention after my usual five-episode window of chance. Nothing about this seceded in making me want to continue. It’s like the writers were trying their absolute best to appeal to moe fans in every sense of the trope. I mean if you look at the cast of characters you’ll see that the cast follows the atypical aspect of giving each character a set of their own little distinct personality quarks. And to top it off the entire cast is all female. Yeah! It’s one of those. And some of them are so fucken sweet that if your diabetic you might want to keep some insulin at the ready. You just might fall into a diabetic coma.

I mean our main character is one of those stupid girls who’s been raised in the fucken wilderness so she’s pretty much a fucken dunce on all things human. She’s oblivious to her otherwise annoying interactions with others yet is the friendly sort. Going to some pretty decent lengths to help her friends.

I guess the one thing that can be enjoyed here is the real world japanese culture that goes into the fortunate telling aspect here. Some of these girls practice some actual arts derived from some real world japanese mythology. Koume Yukimi specializes in tarot cards for example. Or Tarotology. As in the act of telling one’s future through tarot cards. That kind of shit. And Kon Tatsumi uses kokkuri fortune telling which basically amounts to the japanese form of Ouija Boarding. And as an anime about cute moe girls doing this shit you can probably guess where that shit goes.

And that’s the problem. All this spooky ass cool cultural shit is heavily contrived by all the cartoonish antics these girls get involved in. And all of it just makes it this standard ass typical slice of life that’s been done to death. It’s all just more of the same tropes and story traits that’s come to be accepted of animes like this. And in a small and insignificant kind of way it’s almost cliche.

The characters all kind of feel the same with the acceptation of our main lead who is the village idiot pretty much. Aside from her everyone else felt the same with only a slight personality quark that made them just a smidge different from each other. Nono Natsume is this animes standard shy bashful chick who owns a doll she lovingly named Matsuko and often uses her for ventriloquism. Have you guys noticed a very firm pattern here with animes such as this? There’s is always at least one bashful character. Name one anime with excessive moe elements especially from the fucken slice of life genre that doesn’t have some type of shy character. I can name several right of the bat. It’s gotten to the point where it’s a requirement. You want to produce a moe blob anime? Inject a shy character. It’s pretty much the fucken foundation of animes like this. There’s literally no character here that doesn’t give a fan of moe a reason to want to watch this.

And the animation itself encompasses this notion.

I really don’t know what else to say other than that. My video clips should be enough to convey the style of this animation perfectly. And the most unfortunate thing about this is that this is by JC Staff. The same guys who brought us shit like A Certain Scientific Rail gun,  Toradora and Waiting in the Summer. All of which quickly became fan favorites. While I guess this dose look like something by them this is just one of those cases where they could have picked some better source material to adapt.

And in regards to how well it follows that source material. I couldn’t really find scans anywhere so I’m not sure. But given the fact that it’s based on a four panel koma manga. I doubt that it follows it all that closely. Anime’s based on Yonkoma manga usually just adapt a few of the jokes in their variation and then just does whatever the fuck they want with it. That’s what Doga Kobo did with New Game and Kyoto Ani did with K-On so I don’t see any reason JC staff would do it here. I’ve come to realizes that that’s usually how it works with adaptions of these kinds of manga’s.

And if I was honestly to make a recommendation for this it would definitely be to fans of cute characters doing cute shit. That’s really the only recommendation I can really give you.  Be warned: If you prefer action oriented animes or animes with a deep plot. Then stay far away from this. This well either make you sick or bore your ass to tears. Sorry moe fans but Urara Meirocho – Urara Labyrinth City…gets a very lame ass…4.7 out of 10 and sure as hell gets the Moe Blob Seal of Approval.

Moeblob Seal of Approval

I’m not about to give this any more of a chance. I can only stand so much sugar in my coffee. If this is something you find interesting. You’re definitely not the kind of person I want to take recommendations from.

And with that I’m fucken done.

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(Sigh) aw Key… You are some influential mother fuckers. For you boring ass schmucks who don’t know who Key is. 1, you’re a lame ass. And 2, it’s a studio well known for producing visual novels. Which are interactive games featuring mostly still illustrations, text and voice narration with very few other interactive elements and used to convey a story. Usually romance or erotic scenarios. But sometimes there are also adventure and puzzle solving aspects thrown in.

Now Key themselves doesn’t make anime but almost all of their games have gotten an anime adaption by some other studio. The most famous and well received of which was Clannad by Kyoto Animation and released way back in 2007 and its second season After Story one year later. And it was by far the best anime adaption of a Visual Novel Ever. I highly recommend it even if you’re a cold hearted shit like me. I watched that shit and even I fucken melted. I and other people fell in love with the touchy feely romance and tragic heartache the series doled out.

The only other Key Visual Novel that hasn’t been animated is Tomoyo After: It’s a Wonderful Life which is a spinoff of Clannad. Well…that and Harmonia. But that one sucks compared to Clannad so I don’t give a shit about it. But the fact Tomoyo After hasn’t been adapted angers me because Clannad was amazing and it needs all possible associated source material animated. It’s literally that good.

But what can you do?

While the following anime is based on yet another adaptation of a Key Visual Novel the difference between this one and most others is that it adds in fantasy and action aspects as well. Which sounds awesome. But is the presentation well done. Not really.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m The Angry Misanthropist Freak. And I bring you my review of…Rewrite.

Now see the biggest thing that annoyed me about Rewrite is that it decides to throw a curve ball. You see in the visual novel there are branching paths that you take that change the story and end up getting you a specific ending. But instead of going just one route in the anime like most other adaptations do… It goes down two. And plus it has its own anime original story somewhere during the end of Season 1 dealing with one scenario where pretty much everyone dies. The second season covers a route where everyone lives but omits almost every other major character from the first season. And both of them kind of disappointed me in their own ways yet completely seceded in others. Not to mention doing the research for this review gave me a god damn headache. This shit was insane. There are literally about 4 or 5 different routes the player can take in the visual novel. Meaning that the writers of the anime adaptation could literally have written several different story lines. If I explain something inaccurately. I don’t give a shit. Get the fuck over it or find some other review. The funny thing is the second season constantly reminds you that this is based on a visual novel by popping up these little choices that protagonist Kotarou Tennouji chooses from.

Yeah, it’s a true game adaptation. And, the routes the anime follows – at least up to a fucken point – is the Common Route, Terra Route and a little bit of the Moon Route in the beginning of the second season. And the setting itself – or at least one of them – takes place in the fictional japanese city of Kazamatsuri where Kotarou is yet another high school student. Thankfully though he’s a rather pleasant character then most other high school protagonists in a sense that he’s more socially engaging. Loving to annoy the shit out of an asshole in his class who threatens to beat the shit out of him and honestly doesn’t get all that flustered when dealing with the female cast. In fact, he’s a straight up fucken letcher.

Anyway, not until several minutes in to the first episode do we find out that he possesses a superhuman ability that allows him to permanently rewrite any part of his body to multiply his strength and speed. Hence forth the name of the game. As a result of this Kotarou is naturally drawn to the supernatural. One day one special meeting with the lone president of the Occult Research Club, the “Witch” Akane Senri, leads to Kotarou reviving the Occult Club by recruiting three other members with their own little personality quarks and comes to realize later on that they all possess some strange super power or curse that affects them and their lives in some negative way. All of these discovery’s eventually leads up to the reveal of two warring factions – Gaia and Guardian – both centered around finding a girl named Kagari who basically holds the power to basically destroy or rebuild humanity.

And this shit is only the first route! One the first season follows. But Kagari remains a “key” character in all the routes. Watch it and you’ll get the joke I just made. But in the other route that’s covered Kotarou isn’t even a high schooler anymore. Instead it follows Kotarou’s life as a solider/spy who keeps an eye on all of the forces trying to get to Kagari.

And this is where I get some mixed views. All in all I like the second season way better than the first. It follows what I think is the Terra route where he becomes a spy and shit. Shooting guns and making friends with all these different organizations basically  making him a double agent of sorts. But unfortunately, most of the female cast members that I grew fond of in the previous season were pretty much gone.

And it made all of their own small little two or three episode arcs in the first season pretty much forgotten. Lucia Konohana for example was the most intriguing character in the first season as she was basically an experiment by one of the two aforementioned organizations that left her skin poisonous. Meaning whenever someone touches her they disintegrate and die. And while not all of them has such a story to tell they all were good characters in their own small ways. But they were all gone in the majority of the second season. And I hated that. Yeah, I guess we meet different versions of them at some point including little Kotori but really they just weren’t the same and that really bummed me out. I mean hell in the second season Kagari herself went form a wise snarky character who loved to crack jokes toward Kotarou and drink coffee to a lowly mute who doesn’t talk and was even kind of stupid.

But it’s not to say the second season was all bad. There were some pretty damn good moments that made the second season amazing. The time Kotarou spent as a solider was awesome and it was the time span where he went through hell. And that’s how he grew as a character. In fact, now that I think about it the second season is where you see the most growth from him. There was a part in the second season where he accidentally shot a kid in a war zone and later we get a heartwarming scene of him parting with the rest of the kids. And all of it was all rather well done. Not anywhere near as heart wrenching as Clannad but if you are easily moved you’ll still probably cry.

I just really don’t like arcs or second seasons that cover different timelines. Especially if they just end up omitting characters or alters the orignal story at its own leisure. Almost every other Key adaptation doesn’t do this. And that’s a large portion as to why they often worked so damn well. Clannad only featured one main heroin. Just one. Not counting the Tomoyo and Kyou Chapters that were released as OVA’s. They don’t count in regards to the main arc. And that’s often a feature in a lot of visual novels. It’s usually a fucken harem where the player can choose from a bunch of girls. The writers of the Clannad adaption picked only one girl and one girl only to focus on as the love interest of the main character. I guess you can say it doesn’t matter since the main love interest of the protagonist here in Rewrite also remained just one girl but still the jump between timelines just felt really lame and irritating. Still it could’ve been worse I guess. If it was one of those deals like Siren – another anime from this season – then this shit would’ve really sucked.

And then there’s the matter of this animes ending. I’m going to cut this anime a little bit of slack in this regard because the ending was actually pretty awesome and tied everything up rather nicely. If there’s one thing I can appreciate from almost all Key adaptations it’s that they all have a good ending that I can appreciate. I’ve come to realize that there endings have never been bad. Name one anime adapted from a Key Visual novel that’s had a bad/rushed/unfulfilling ending. And don’t you mother fuckers even think about saying Angel Beats. I well murder you!

As for the animation, here. Yeah not so much. Just another average animation by 8-bit Studios. And I’m not really all that surprised. There the ones who made the Infinite Stratos adaptation and a few other average sauce animes that didn’t make any damn sense. The only other anime I really liked by them was The Fruit of Grisaia which in a way kind of resembles this quality wise. The story and characters were better and it didn’t diverge from the main plot into different story routes at its leaser. Animation was average. Bottom line. Even the CGI used for some of the monsters or “Deamons” as they called them here were pretty lame looking. And then there’s the matter of Kotori’s little pet Chibimoth.

I’m sorry but nothing screws up an anime more for me more than cute adorable creatures. Even if they pose a significant part in the story. I mean do I honestly look like a person who can stand cute adorable animals. Fuck. Even more so since this animal is supposed to be a dog. Yeah, a dog. And speaking of dogs….

The character designs here? Well some of them were pretty stupid while others weren’t. I fucken hated the school uniforms the girls wore in the first season. They were just to frilly and looked more like dresses then actual school uniforms. But then there was shit like Shizuru Nakatsu’s outfit during those action scenes when she was shooting them guns. She reminded me of fucken Black Rock Shooter with that outfit and sweet petite ass. Part of me wanted to reach into my screen and just gently stroke it.


Yes there, is some pretty worthwhile action scenes here too. I enjoyed them and everything but all things considered I’ve seen better. 8-bit studios have never been all that impressive from a purely visual standpoint. There outmatched by a lot of other more impressive studios and aren’t even on a lot of people’s radars. Including mine. I do however like how Key slipped their logo into the anime via Kagari’s coffee cans.

She’s literally a key character in a key anime drinking key coffee. (lol)

In the end Rewrite doesn’t stack up against the other adaptations of Keys Games. At all. While I’ll admit that it got good with the second season I still hated that the characters were gone or their personalities had changed in the second season. It didn’t have the same heart wrenching plot elements and memorable characters that some of its more beloved Key adaptations had. That and I hate multi route based story telling. It’s just really confusing and it takes away from the overall package. I’m sorry but at the end of the day Rewrite gets a very fair score of a 6 out of 10. Only a smidge above average. And gets the Moe Blob and Drama Seals of approval.


I recommend this shit only to people who don’t mind rewinding story arcs and characters that up and change or are omitted entirely half way through. There are some well-done action scenes here. I’ll give it that. But it isn’t anything to go all ga ga about in the end. And I would sure as hell love to see the actual ending animated instead of an anime original ending. But what can you do really.

And with that I’m fucken done.

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